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    Wells for Heat Exchanger Advanced Technology

    The WeHEAT technology developed by MS Energy Solutions Kft. is a deep heat producing system that can be implemented in deep wells. Its greatest advantage is that it generates geothermal energy WITHOUT extraction of underground water. It is a fully closed system. It allows direct heat use for users living in the vicinity of the well through the geothermal heat recovery.
    This technology ensures the use of geothermal energy in a cost-effective way, by utilizing unused O&G and geothermal deep drills.
    The outstanding geothermal potential of the Carpathian-Pannonian region are like a commonplace today. The petrothermal variants of geothermal energy production can be effective similarly to the production and use of thermal energy in this region. With the special well completion of deep drilling, the geothermal heat will become available in a clean way, and can be transferred to the surface facilities using the appropriate engineering applications.
    This flexible technology may constitute a heat production system with a capacity of 300 and up to 900 kW, depending on the geological environment, and can be adapted especially effectively to surface heating systems.











    Geothermal systems based on engineering solutions without water production, the so-called EGS (Enhanced Geothermal Systems) are becoming more and more common worldwide, allowing the use of thermally heated rocks as a heating source without the extraction of water. The medium is supplied to the system from the outside through engineering solutions, thus creating a closed loop system. The EG systems cover a wide spectrum of power (MW-kW). The WeHEAT technology is a DEEP geothermal probe operated in a fully closed loop system, implemented in the wellbore structure of deep dry holes. Implementation which does not require drilling and which includes a special internal heat insulation makes the system very cost-effective, as compared with other geothermal systems. The key to successful installation of WeHEAT systems is the proper well construction and the correct design. Proper design takes into account the geological settings , establishes the energy calculation with a heat transport model, and then the design of the surface facilities is added.

  • The produced geothermal heat can be used for heating with a >90% efficiency. Direct heat recovery can be best adapted to surface heating systems and domestic hot water supply. If used at the ideal temperatures (70/50; 60/40; 50/30), it is an ideal method of heating for residential properties, industrial and agricultural facilities, halls. The heating system is automatic, programmable, and equipped with state-of-the-art control. The simple machinery and the deep geothermal well are durable, and its maintenance costs and running expenses are negligible.


    Key application areas of the technology:





    The WeHEAT technology allows for deep dry holes and depleted deep wells to be reused again for energetic purposes. Implementation of the WeHEAT technology does not involve any new deep drilling. Special geothermal well completion takes a few days. Test operation and normal operation are both quiet and free from dust and emissions. It can be adapted to existing and new heating systems. The existing heating system does not have to be reconstructed to operate. Usual heating water is circulated in the system. Materials dangerous to health or the environment are not used.


    In Hungary, thousands of deep drillings are currently waiting to be terminated. Dry holes and depleted or abandoned deep wells are a natural consequence of hydrocarbon explorations. By the use of WeHEAT and similar technologies, their plug and abandone can be not only avoided, but the new type of deep drilling energy production can also give a new function to the wells for further decades, ensuring the possibility of further profit and avoiding the significant costs of well termination and landscaping.

  • As a result of this development, companies engaged in O&G and geothermal energy in the areas of the hydrocarbon industry and geothermal energy use will have the possibility to decrease the costs related to depleted wells and give a new function to deep drillings through minor modification.
    Furthermore, companies in the vicinity of the well may consider the old facilities, often “being in the way”, as a cheap, clean, and stable source of energy.


    With the WeHEAT SYSTEMS, you can choose a new heat production method that can primarily be used for the heating of large buildings with a high energy demand, where heat production is an environmentally friendly, Co2 emission-free green energy, replacing fossil fuel heating.





    • The produced energy provides ideal amount of technological heat to ensure the heating energy for municipal facilities or halls. With proper thermal insulation, it can be suitable for the whole-year heating of a greenhouse with an area of up to 4 hectares. EXCELLENT ENERGY SOURCE FOR THE AGRICULTURAL SECTOR
    • It can be adapted to existing heating systems. EXCELLENT HEAT SOURCE FOR SURFACE HEATING SYSTEMS.
    • There is NO thermal water producing, ie. no water disposal- or water resource contribution payment and administration. 
    • There is NO thermal water producing, the circulated water is heating soft water, therefore there is no extra machinery demand.
    • There is NO licensing task related to establishment of DRILLING AND WATER rights. 
    • Due to the closed loop system, no gas production occurs with the extraction of thermal water. Thus, the closed-loop deep probe energy production is an emission-free and carbon-neutral technology.
    • Heating development for ENERGY INDEPENDENCE and ENERGY SAFETY
    • A VALUE ADDING investment. The sustainable heating development based on renewable sources will increase the value of your property and business.
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